7 Activities to Increase Employee Engagement by Supporting New Year’s Resolutions:

Resolve to Reduce Turnover, Improve Satisfaction, and Engage Collaborators with Meaningful Activities

Here it is again. We’re just around the corner from the New Year and those dreaded resolutions. As an organization, you have a unique opportunity to capitalize on your employees’ resolutions and increase employee engagement organization-wide.

Consider this: In 2021, the top resolutions, according to Statista, included getting healthier (losing weight, improving diet, and exercising more), saving more money, spending more time with family, and pursuing a career ambition.

As an organization, why not make your employees’ resolutions a priority this year, and, in doing so, improve engagement and reduce turnover? Here’s how:

1. Resolve to make health a priority. Make sure employees have access to good healthcare – both physical and mental. Negotiate a good deal with your insurance provider to include ample services for families, which should include birth control and women’s health services.

2. Occupational health matters. Everything from ergonomic chairs and good lighting to updated software and good wifi can make a big difference in your employees’ day.

3. Support a healthy diet by taking out the soda machine and high-calorie, high-salt snacks and providing access to healthier options. Hire a corporate dietitian nutritionist to do an audit of the cafeteria. Provide lunch-and-learn conferences with dietitian nutritionists to give practical tips on how to eat healthier with a restricted budget.

4. Corporate wellness plans can include everything from partnerships with local sporting good stores and gyms to starting hiking and geocaching clubs. Consider bringing a yoga teacher or Zumba teacher after hours. Really, it all depends on your employees’ interests, but there is so much to do, and it isn’t costly.

5. Make financial wellness a top priority. Identify causes of financial stress. Provide employees with financial counseling and wellness tips. Reevaluate your benefits package.

6. Ditch the “all or nothing” attitude. No employee should be expected to give their all – be on call 24/7. It’s a demoralizing corporate attitude that is discriminatory and, honestly, very 1980s. It’s also boring. The more diverse experiences employees have outside of work bring a better, more interesting group of people to work. Provide your employees with a healthy work-life balance.

7. Invest in your employees. Provide employees with education opportunities. This includes supporting continued education opportunities (technical, specialized, or master’s degrees). Invite on-site speakers to share experiences during lunch or right after work. Give employees opportunities to go to conferences or seminars where they can network and develop skills.

By being an organization that supports employees’ resolutions, you can tap into their desires to build a better, more dynamic company. It’s great for employee engagement, and it’s great for business.

Here at CustomInsight, we wish you a Happy New Year filled with health, prosperity, opportunity, and success.

Happy New Year!

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