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Boost Employee Engagement by Fixing the Copy Machine

A slow internet connection, a copy machine on the fritz, the sputtering grind of a generator, outdated software – all of these can whittle away at any employee’s drive to do her best. And though we all might enjoy a show or two of Ninja Warrior or Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge, getting the job done shouldn’t have to entail withstanding annoyances or overcoming obstacle after obstacle.

Oftentimes great employees have the desire to do give their best but simply can’t because of workplace hassles. An employee engagement survey always asks what’s broken or about to break in your organization, regarding processes and equipment. Pay attention to these grumbles! While this might seem a bit oversimplified, it makes sense. These workplace nuisances are like spending a day in small, however inconvenient, traffic jams. They become frustrating and debilitating even for your most positive, best employees.

Not convinced? A successful organization looks at the big picture – from employees to office space, infrastructure to software. So, here are 6 reasons to keep your office equipment up-to-date:

1. Save the Planet!: Okay. Buying a new printer won’t necessarily save the planet, but outdated office equipment is less energy efficient. Savings of dollars a month add up over the course of years. This ROI is well with the initial heavier investment. Moreover, new equipment is faster and quieter. Employees are generally on board with getting a job done quicker with the added bonus of saving the planet.

2. Throw out the User’s Manual. Read it first. But honestly, updated systems are easier to learn. Employees will be more efficient in shorter periods of time, not having to learn the side slap or jiggle to get the machine to work. This gives them more autonomy and the tools they need to get the job done quicker and more effectively.

3. Make Space! Many new machines consolidate functions. So you save space with one machine that “does it all!” And this makes every employee’s life easier.

4. Secure the Area: Now with hackers, malicious software and secure data that feels not-so-secure, updated office equipment and software will keep your employees’ work safe. This is critical not only for the security of the company and the work its employees do, but also for customers.

5. Cut Back on Doctor’s Visits: A Forbes article cites that sick days cost US businesses $576B annually. Sore backs, stiff necks, and an insecure working environment all contribute to absenteeism due to illness. Moreover, when you’re not replacing employees’ tattered work chairs and continually their work environment, you’re sending a very strong message: You don’t matter.

6. Reduce Repography Rage: After weeks and months, and sometimes years, of dealing with poor equipment and inadequate work spaces, your best employee will crack. Work frustration is inevitable. But frustrations and challenges should come from the job itself, not from not being able to complete a task because an employee lacks the tools she needs.

So by making your office equipment updates a priority, you’re investing in your employees and company. An Oxford Economics study discusses, in depth, how workplace and environment effects employee engagement and output.

Oftentimes employees just want to get the job done, but they can’t because of distractions, lack of technology, and a place just not adequate to make getting the job done possible.

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