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Fully customizable survey platform

The online custom survey maker platform enables you to gather employee feedback to measure engagement, satisfaction, and much more. Create your customized survey, quickly and easily, and get measurable feedback about anything, anytime and anywhere.


  • Your logo
  • Anonymity
  • One-click access
  • Mobile-responsive
  • Progress indicator
  • Stop and continue later
Custom Survey Main Steps

Quickly and easily configure your custom surveys.


  • Formatted report and spreadsheet
  • Highly configurable report options
  • Customize colors, sections, elements
  • Filter by groups, responses, dates
  • Display/hide item types, items, stats
  • Sort results within sections
Custom Survey Question Formats

Choose from a wide range of question formats.


  • Easy to use and very flexible
  • Wide range of question formats
  • Conditional branching (e.g., for probing)
  • Customizable demographic categories
  • Demographics mapped to survey responses
  • Load employee list from spreadsheet
  • Customizable URL, cover page, instructions
  • Preview/test survey before launching
  • Real-time completion rates by group
  • Targeted reminders for max participation
Custom Survey Preview

Preview and test your surveys before launching them.