Pulse Surveys

What Is a Pulse Survey

Pulse surveys are typically an abridged version of the full employee engagement survey. They are shorter questionnaires focused on areas that need the most attention. Engagement pulse surveys have many benefits. When deployed between full engagement surveys, pulse surveys make sure improvements are on track. They are designed to check team progress and engagement.

Why Use Pulse Surveys

As global competition intensifies and technological change accelerates, "pulse surveys" are becoming more popular for monitoring employee engagement and achieving continuous improvement.

When to Use Pulse Surveys

Conducting pulse surveys exclusively, without conducting more comprehensive employee engagement surveys periodically, can generate more questions than answers. So, we recommend conducting a full employee engagement survey annually, and focused pulse surveys in between. The exact frequency for pulse surveys depends on the responsiveness of the organization, but we generally suggest doing them every 3-6 months. Below is a summary of the typical process timing.

Why Organizations Prefer Our Pulse Surveys

Our pulse survey is available at no extra charge and fully integrated into our platform for maximum efficiency. One key benefit is that the engagement pulse survey provides extreme flexibility to cater to each organization's specific needs, enabling you to solicit follow-up feedback or check the status on any survey items from employees at any time.

When using our interactive dashboard, you can easily flag survey items that need attention by clicking next to them. The flagged items are then listed in the Action Plan, where you can add tasks and due dates. There, you can also initiate pulse surveys, to check progress, as shown in this .

You can also launch pulse surveys (at no extra charge) in our 360-feedback platform, to make sure raters are noticing improvements from individual feedback recipients (e.g., managers/leaders) throughout the year.