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School Climate Surveys

Measure and Improve School Climate and Culture - Improve Educational Outcomes

  • Improve academic performance including grades and test scores
  • Increase attendance
  • Improve student engagement
  • Increase retention of students and teachers
  • Reduce bullying and other school safety concerns
  • Promote student well-being and mental health
  • Improve employee engagement

School Survey Report Sample

CustomInsight’s School Climate and Culture Survey (Focal EDU) provides comprehensive insights into your school and/or district culture. Designed by education and psychometric testing experts, Focal EDU can help you identify strengths in your school climate as well as areas for growth. Our tool provides actionable data to create strategic, data-driven plans to improve your school climate.

Parents, students, and teachers can take the questionnaire to help you better understand your school and community needs. All three components can be done in combination or separately though we highly recommend you administer a survey to students, parents, and teachers since this collects valuable insight from each stakeholder group, allowing your school and/or district to create meaningful school climate action plans and improvements. Focal EDU includes research-based, validated questions for all stakeholders.

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Student Perception Survey

Our student survey assesses student well-being, safety, and learning. Our questions tap into student perceptions and perspectives about their teachers, the learning environment and academic rigor, school safety, bullying, and education opportunities. You can better understand their sense of belonging and what factors most highly contribute to this.

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Parent Survey

The parent survey measures parent and family perceptions of the quality of teaching and learning, bullying and school safety, school culture, and communication practices.

Understanding Survey Results: Our intuitive, interactive dashboard is simple to use. It helps you analyze your data in different ways. You can look at it as a whole or break it down by school, stakeholder, or different demographic groups. School administrators and staff can use the actionable feedback from students, families, and teachers to implement meaningful change.

Wondering how your school culture measurs up?

What is the purpose of a school climate and culture survey?

Many schools and school districts across the country use these questionnaires to assess conditions for learning. Surveys help schools and school districts identify, understand, and address problems.

Our Focal EDU survey:

  • Is a critical step toward school improvement.
  • Is a valuable tool to hold schools and school districts accountable.
  • Can help identify school, teacher, and student needs.
  • Can help increase teacher retention.

A positive school climate and culture are essential for improving educational outcomes for all young people.

Characteristics of a positive school climate:

The National School Climate Center defines school climate as the “quality and character of school life. School climate is based on patterns of students’, parents’ and school personnel’s experience of school life and reflects norms, goals, values, interpersonal relationships, teaching and learning practices, and organizational structures.”

A positive school climate is a place where students, staff, and families:

  • feel a deep sense of belonging
  • have deep, healthy relationships
  • feel valued for their unique identities
  • feel heard and seen
  • feel safe

Another element of a positive school climate and culture is having rigorous, supportive learning environments where all students’ needs are met and where all educators feel equipped to meet the diverse academic, social-emotional, and behavioral needs of their students.

Focal EDU - School Climate and Culture Survey Features

CustomInsight's survey tool can provide you with invaluable data and information. Survey students, teachers, and parents to get meaningful feedback and an accurate school climate assessment. Learn about parent, teacher, and student perceptions and experiences. Increase retention. Improve your school culture and academic performance.

Experience Actionable Results



Over 25 years of experience administering feedback surveys across all industries.



Statistically validated. Designed by education and psychometric testing experts.



Tailor the survey to fit the specific needs of your school and/or district.



Customizable demographic groups that pinpoint the most critical areas of concern.



Work directly with the people who designed the product. We support your school/district throughout the process.



Time-friendly and user-friendly: the survey's functional design features make it easy to administer and take.