360 Degree Feedback is an evaluation system or process in which employees receive confidential, anonymous feedback from the people who work around them. This typically includes the employee's manager, peers, and direct reports.

How do you do a 360-feedback survey?

A mixture of about eight to twelve people fill out an anonymous online feedback form that asks questions covering a broad range of workplace competencies. The 360 feedback questionnaire includes questions that are measured on a rating scale. This survey also asks raters to provide written comments. The person receiving feedback also fills out a self-rating survey that includes the same survey questions that others receive in their forms.

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What is the most important benefit of a 360-degree review?

Managers and leaders within organizations use 360 feedback surveys to get a better understanding of how others perceive their their strengths and weaknesses.

How does the 360-degree feedback method work?

The 360-feedback system automatically tabulates the results and presents them in a format that helps the feedback recipient create a development plan to improve leadership skills. Individual responses are combined with responses from other people in the same rater category (e.g. peer, direct report, manager) in order to preserve anonymity and to give the employee a clear picture of his/her greatest overall strengths and weaknesses

What does a 360 feedback survey measure?

360 Feedback surveys measure subjective workplace behaviors and competencies.

360 degree surveys provide feedback on how others perceive an employee or manager. The focus of a 360 evaluation should be on subjective areas such as teamwork, character, communication, and leadership effectiveness.

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360 Feedback can also be a useful development tool for people who are not in a management role.

Strictly speaking, a "non-manager" 360 assessment is not measuring feedback from 360 degrees since there are no direct reports, but the same principles still apply. 360 Feedback for non-managers is useful to help people employees be more effective in their current roles, as well as help them understand what leadership areas they should focus on if they want to move into a management role.


Managers and leaders within organizations use 360 feedback surveys to get a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.

How often should 360 feedback be used?

CustomInsight recommends repeating 360 feedback every one to two years to allow people to work through their development plans. The goal of a 360 review process is to provide actionable feedback to improve performance. This cannot happen overnight.

Best practices to improve your 360-feedback process

  1. Pre-review, make sure employees understand the benefits and advantages of a 360 questionnaire.
  2. Be consistent when conducting 360 feedback (every year, every two years etc.). This should be part of the organization's strategy.
  3. Use 360 reviews separately from employee evaluations and performance reviews.
  4. Provide employees support post-review and, together, develop action plans.
  5. Conduct brief Progress Checks every 3-6 months to see if efforts to improve are being noticed and are having an impact.
  6. Set up an anonymous "suggestion box" and invite people to provide feedback anytime they'd like.

Benefits of a 360-degree performance review include improving teamwork and accountability, identifying organization needs, understanding leadership challenges in the organization, establishing skills and leadership development programs, implementing meaningful training programs, reducing biases and discriminatory practices, among others. The impact of a successful 360 review practice can benefit companies of all sizes.

What a 360 Degree

  • 360 feedback measures behaviors and competencies
  • 360 assessments provide feedback on how others perceive an employee
  • 360 feedback addresses skills such as listening, planning, and goal-setting
  • A 360 evaluation focuses on subjective areas such as teamwork, character, and leadership effectiveness

What a 360 Degree Survey
does not assess:

  • 360 feedback is not a way to measure employee performance objectives (MBOs)
  • 360 feedback is not a way to determine whether an employee is meeting basic job requirements
  • 360 feedback is not focused on basic technical or job-specific skills
  • 360 feedback should not be used to measure strictly objective things such as attendance, sales quotas, etc.

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