Survey Question Formats

Our 360 feedback surveys and employee engagement surveys typically use a multi-point rating scale and short-answer questions. The structure and format can be customized, however.

With our regular survey tool, your survey can include any combination of the following question formats. If you require a question format that is not listed here, please let us know.

  • Multi-Point Rating (e.g. Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree)
    • Choose from 2-point rating scale up to 10-point rating scale
    • Specify rating labels
    • Include/Exclude "Unable to Rate" option
    • Low to high or high to low rating label direction
  • Semantic Differential
    • 5 rating points to 10 rating points
    • Specific rating anchors
    • Include/Exclude "Unable to Rate"
  • 5-point rating with comment
  • Multiple choice
    • Select one or select multiple
    • Limit number of selections ("Select up to X choices")
    • Randomize choices
  • Drop-down selection list
  • Ranked choices
  • Short answer text box
  • Single-line text response
  • Numeric values (%,$,etc.)
  • Grouped numeric values with a specified total
  • Numeric point distribution
  • Matrix or grid of questions - allows you to create a grid of questions of various formats, including:
    • 4-point or 5-point ratings
    • Multiple choice
    • Drop-down list
    • Single-line text
    • Numeric values

Sample "Multi-Point Rating"
Sample Multi-Point Rating

Sample "1-5 Rating + 'Unable to Rate'"
Sample 1-5 rating + N/A

Sample "1-5 Rating + Comment"
Sample 1-5 rating + comment

Sample "Multiple Choice Question"
Available as "Select only one" or "Select all that apply"
Sample open format question

Sample "Drop-Down List Question"
Sample drop-down list question

Sample "Ranked Choice Question"
Sample ranked choice question

Sample "Grouped Number" Questions
Sample grouped numbers

Sample "Numeric Values" Questions
Sample numeric values

Sample "Short Answer Question"
Sample short answer question

Sample "Mixed Matrix"
Sample matrix questions