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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Samples

Below are sample survey items/questions, as well as sample screenshots from the survey and interactive dashboard.

Sample Survey

DEI Survey with Checks

Sample Dashboard - Overview

DEI Dashboard Survey Items

Sample Dashboard — Overall Score

DEI Dashboard Item Detail

Sample Dashboard — Areas of Concern

DEI Areas of Concern

Sample Survey Items

Category Survey Items
Valuing Diversity People of all cultures and backgrounds are respected and valued |INTHISORGANIZATION|.
Valuing Diversity The leaders of |THISORGANIZATION| actively promote a culture of diversity.
Valuing Diversity |OURSENIORLEADERS| emphasize the value of diversity in creating a stronger organization.
Fairness People from all backgrounds have equal opportunities to succeed |INTHISORGANIZATION|.
Valuing Diversity |MYMANAGER| values people with different talents, skills, and backgrounds.
Valuing Diversity |MYMANAGER| emphasizes the value of diversity in creating a stronger team.
Personal Expression |MYMANAGER| welcomes and encourages differences of opinion.
Psychological Safety The leaders of |THISORGANIZATION| have made it clear that harassment will not be tolerated in this organization, regardless of who you are.
Psychological Safety |INTHISORGANIZATION|, harassment of any sort is taken seriously and dealt with appropriately.
Psychological Safety Jokes based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender and the like, are not tolerated |INTHISORGANIZATION|.
Psychological Safety If I had a concern about harassment or discrimination, I know where and how to report that concern.
yes/no + comment Have you ever felt uncomfortable or out of place at work because of your personal characteristics (e.g. gender, race, ethnicity, age, religion, sexual orientation)?
yes/no + comment Have you ever felt pressured to hide or change things about yourself in order to fit in at work?
yes/no + comment Do you feel that your unique attributes, traits, characteristics, skills, experience, and background are valued at work?
yes/no + comment Do you ever feel left out at work — either when engaging in work activities or socially?
yes/no + comment Have you faced any obstacles in your career progression or ability to participate fully in work processes that are not experienced by all of your colleagues? Describe those obstacles.
yes/no + comment Can you identify people similar to yourself in leadership positions at your organization?

Sample Report

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