Case Studies and Success Stories


Name: Kansas State University Foundation

Industry: Education

Size: 200 employees

Tenure: Since 2015


"We are very satisfied with CustomInsight and love the service they provide!"

- Jill Trego, VP of Culture and Engagement


Employee Engagement Survey (Focal ORG™) and 360-Feedback Tool (Focal 360™)


Kansas State University Foundation (KSUF) started working with CustomInsight in 2015 because they had not surveyed employee engagement through a third-party and suspected a significant disconnect between employee and management perception of the organization's trajectory.


KSUF wanted a dynamic tool that could grow with them and CustomInsight offered that with a great dashboard and system improvements over time. The analytics help them understand their data and reporting features help them present their results to their entire team. To assess improvement in focus areas, they also use the integrated Progress Check feature. Finally, on a quarterly basis, they present actions taken on a quarterly basis, to hold themselves accountable.

Although CustomInsight's employee engagement survey offers upward feedback about managers to help them improve their performance, KSUF has also been using CustomInsight's 360-feedback tool to help leaders and managers develop further.


They are very satisfied and love the service CustomInsight provides. While they started with an acceptable level of engagement, they have improved their results noticeably. For example, they increased the portion of the employees who are engaged from 43% to 58% and decreased the portion of employee who are disengaged, as shown below. In addition, they also have very high response rates, confirming that what they're doing is working.

Engagement Level

KSUF Chart