Sample Team Assessment Survey

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We have streamlined the team assessment survey feedback process to make it as efficient and effective as possible.

The survey administrator (who is usually the team leader) invites team members to provide their feedback on the team as a whole, using the ready-to-go survey and email template.

The survey is comprised of 24 carefully selected items, which are crafted so they're action oriented. The results help team members and leaders identify strengths and weaknesses to develop team building opportunities, improve performance and team effectiveness.

At the end of the survey, our feedback system analyzes each rater's responses and prompts them to provide additional written comments in the areas where they are most needed.

Typically, the survey takes under 5 minutes. When the assessment is finished, the results dashboard is automatically generated and accessible to everyone on the team. Finally, the team meets to discuss the results and develop and action plan to improve teamwork and overall effectiveness.
Key Team Assessment Survey Features:
» Anyone on team can initiate feedback
» Survey items are action-oriented
» Comments can be added for any item
» Dynamic probing where help is needed
» Mobile-responsive for use on phones