Team Assessment Survey Sample Questions

While it's not difficult to generate a list of survey items, it's important to create a questionnaire that will be effective. Our team assessment survey items have been carefully selected, based on research and analysis, and from experience. The evaluation has been crafted so that each item is action oriented, to identify strengths, weaknesses, and team building opportunities. Below is the full list of our 24 survey items, organized into the factors (quadrants) and categories of our team effectiveness framework.

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Factor Category Survey Item
Culture Personal Expression We are good at bringing conflict into the open so it can be discussed and resolved.
Reliability People on this team follow through on their commitments.
Personal Expression People with different ideas are valued on this team.
Support People on this team go out of their way to assist and support one another.
Transparency Information and knowledge are shared openly on this team.
Trust There is a high level of trust on this team.
Clarity Alignment The work this team does is essential to the overall success of the organization.
Alignment It really seems like everybody on this team has a shared vision and is working toward the same goals.
Clarity I understand how my work directly contributes to the overall success of the team.
Clarity This team has a clear set of priorities and objectives.
Clarity I have a clear understanding of my role and responsibilities on this team.
Structure Communication People on this team communicate effectively with one another.
Collaboration This team collaborates effectively with other groups in the organization.
Empowerment People on this team have the freedom and authority they need to make decisions and take action.
Processes This team has established the processes and procedures it needs in order to function effectively.
Meetings Our team meetings have a clear purpose and achieve their intended outcomes.
Resources This team has all of the resources and support it needs in order to achieve its goals.
Execution Decisiveness On this team, we make timely decisions without unnecessary delay or procrastination.
Collaboration We always consider how our decisions will impact other parts of the organization.
Agility On this team, we adapt quickly to changing circumstances.
Learning We share what we learn with other groups in the organization so they can benefit from our experiences.
Learning We consistently reflect on our successes and failures in order to learn and improve.
Accountability Every person on this team is held accountable for achieving goals and meeting expectations.