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Team Assessment Pricing

The free version of our team assessment survey provides summary results. This can help give you an overview of your teamwork effectiveness.

Our paid version of the evaluation includes more detail and functionality, to identify strengths and weaknesses, pinpoint issues, and achieve a greater impact with directed team building and developing efforts. You can upgrade any time and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Free Paid
Validated Survey Survey items based on research and analysis
Benchmarks* Percentile scores next to the raw scores
Written Comments For each survey item and open questions
Automatic Probing Provides extra help where it's needed most
Results by Factor Scores for each of four main factors
Results by Item Scores for each of the 24 survey items
Insight & Advice* Guidance to help you understand better
Strengths & Weaknesses List of items that scored highest and lowest
Gap Analysis Largest differences between people in team
Trends* Biggest changes in the results over time
Action Planning* Set goals for flagged items and assign them
Progress Checks* Launch focused follow-up surveys for a year
Private Dashboard* The leader can restrict sharing of the results
Custom Questions* Add your own items & open-ends questions
Cost Upgrade anytime. Satisfaction guaranteed Free $95

* coming

Want a volume discount and/or need an enterprise version (with extra features)? Contact us to discuss.

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