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Online Suggestion Box Pricing

Your logo You can display your logo at the top of the page.
Your message You can edit the message to employees anytime.
Anonymous submissions We relay the submissions to protect anonymity.
Email notifications You receive an email containing the submission.
Secure web portal You can review all past submissions in one place.
Unlimited feedback There is no limit on the number of submissions.
Direct replies You can reply directly while maintaining anonymity.
Periodic digest You can receive an email recap of recent submissions.
Rating question You can include a question on a numeric rating scale.
Custom URL We can customize the ending of the webpage's URL.
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It is important for employees to have a voice in the workplace. In addition to improving employee engagement and retention, anonymous employee feedback provides opportunities for continuous improvement.

We are offering our employee suggestion box free of charge to show the potential of this feedback, with the hope that you will consider adding our more advanced solutions later, to achieve even greater impact.

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