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Heartbeat™ Pulse Survey vs. Annual Survey

Pulse check surveys are short engagement surveys that are sent out several times per year. They enable companies to measure engagement more frequently, which has (at least) three key benefits:
  1. Emerging engagement problems can be identified more quickly - so action can be taken sooner.
  2. Find out if efforts to improve engagement are working.
  3. Engagement becomes an ongoing area of focus throughout the year. This shift in mindset impacts the entire workforce. From the CEO all the way down, regular pulse surveys remind everybody that employee opinions matter, and that engagement is a real and ongoing priority in your company.

Help me decide

Pulse surveys can be powerful, but they are not suitable for all companies. The questions below will help you decide whether pulse check surveys might be right for your organization.

Do all employees have email addresses and easy access to the internet?
If the answer is "yes", then you have met the technical requirements.
Proceed to the next question.
If the answer is "no", then Heartbeat™ pulsing surveys won't work for you. Your best option is the traditional Focal ORG survey, conducted once a year.

Do you have the internal resources and bandwidth to handle more than one survey per year?
The amount of work required for each pulse survey won't be nearly as much as for a once-yearly annual employee survey, especially once you have established the routine with your first 2-3 pulse checks. Nevertheless, somebody will need to manage the process throughout the year to make sure it stays on track, relevant, and effective.
If you answered "yes", then you should consider the three Heartbeat™ options.
  • Heartbeat™ (free) - if you are unsure about all this, and want to try it out, and if you don't need any of the features that are not included with this option.
  • Heartbeat Plus™ - for the DIY leader or HR professional - if you want more flexibility and features, or if you want to slice and dice by demographics, this option is made for you.
  • Heartbeat Complete™ - for companies that know they want to do this, but want some hand-holding along the way. Get the best customer support and expert advice in the world.
The free Heartbeat™ survey is a low-risk place to start if you are still unsure. You can have the survey launched to your workforce within minutes, with results back in a week or so. See how it goes, and then decide whether you want or need more.

If you are not sure whether Heartbeat™ pulsing employee surveys or a traditional annual employee survey is best for your company, give us a call. We can help you decide.
If you answered "no", then you should consider either the free Heartbeat™ survey or the traditional Focal ORG annual survey.

The free Heartbeat™ option is a good choice for companies that are unsure whether they want to commit to the cost and complexity of a more comprehensive survey. Heartbeat™ will provide a high-level picture of engagement in your company and help you decide whether you need to dig deeper with a more comprehensive diagnostic tool.