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Employee Survey Feature Comparison

Heartbeat Heartbeat
(no pulsing)
Survey structure, content, and options
Statistically validated and benchmarked employee survey questions
17 items
Targeted follow-up questions for each respondent based on his/her answers
Personalized item phrasing - e.g. your company's name inserted into survey items
Shorter or longer questionnaires available
(as few as 12 items)
Add your own custom survey questions -
Unlimited pulsing surveys -
Comprehensive "annual survey" option - take a deeper dive once per year -
Demographic data
Upload a spreadsheet of employee demographics -
Ask demographic questions in the survey - - -
Survey process, administration, and support
Easy self-managed setup and administration
Technical support via email
Technical support via phone -
Dedicated project manager to guide you through the process - -
White-glove service - managed setup and support, lots of hand holding - -
Survey results and reporting options
Interactive Dashboard - an analytical tool that will allow you to explore and understand your results in greater depth
Action Planning Tool - set and track development goals online -
Additional reporting tools and options -
Expert analysis and dashboard debriefing - WebEx/phone debriefing of your survey results with one of our experts - -
Cost Free
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$2 per employee per month $3 per employee per month click here