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Employee Survey Plan Details

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Focal ORG Annual is a more traditional approach to employee surveys. Focal ORG Annual is a full-service engagement survey solution that includes a comprehensive (and customizable) annual employee survey, but it does not include pulse checks throughout the year.
Who is it for?
This option is for organizations that recognize the importance of employee engagement, but that don't want to do pulse check surveys.
Key features
Dedicated project manager - We help you launch, navigate, and manage the survey process from start to finish. Typically, we set everything up for you the first couple of times, all the while helping you get more familiar with the process. Once you are comfortable, then you can start launching surveys on your own if you want to.

Expert analysis and debriefing - WebEx/phone debriefing of your survey results with one of our experts. This usually lasts about 1 to 1.5 hours. The focus will be on how to use and get the most out of the dashboard, but we will also discuss key high-level findings specific to your organization.

Comprehensive "annual survey" - Get a clear and detailed view of engagement throughout your organization.

Demographic breakdowns It slices..!   It dices..!   Compare results for different demographic subgroups to pinpoint specific problem areas within your organization.

Customize the survey
  • add your own custom items to the survey
  • or choose from our library of 100+ statistically validated and benchmarked engagement survey items
Targeted follow-up questions - Every employee who completes the survey will be asked specific targeted follow-up questions based on his/her responses. This means you get detailed qualitative feedback in the areas where you most need it.

Personalized item phrasing - The survey items can be customized to include your company's name and other terminology that is specific to your organization - e.g. "my manager" vs. "my supervisor"

Unlimited number of employees - No size limits. Note that a minimum of 30 employees is required.

Incredible analytics - An interactive dashboard that tells you not only how engaged employees are, but also what drives their engagement. Repeat annually to see whether engagement is increasing or decreasing.