Virtual Comment Box FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions and our responses...

How much does the employee comment box cost?

Currently, it's free.

How long does it take?

Minutes. Just sign up on our website and then we'll validate your account and email your unique URL.

Can we customize the webpage?

Yes, we can display your logo and text. We can also customize the URL (e.g., by adding your organization's name to it).

Can employees be identified or verified?

No. To foster candor, they are completely anonymous.

Can it be used via a mobile phone?

Yes, it's mobile responsive so the layout will adjust for phones. No need to download or install an app.

Can it be used by employees without web access?

Since it's an online tool, it requires web access, but it does not require employees have an email address.

Can the comments be accessed in a portal?

Yes, you can view the comments, reply to them and more in our web-based portal.

Can the comments be emailed to more than one administrator?

Yes, via an alias (e.g.,

How should we promote BOX to employees?

After initially emailing employees about it, periodically email them again about the comments received and the actions taken in response, which should encourage its use. For details, please see the Samples section.

How will a virtual comment box help improve employee engagement?

This is a tool to build trust in your organization. When used well, when HR and senior leaders are responsive to comments, employees will see their feedback is valuable.

How does CustomInsight benefit from our use of BOX?

We don't benefit from your use of it, directly. Instead, it's an investment we're making to build relationships with organizations, with the hope some will pay for our more advanced solutions later. It's also a way we're giving back, especially during these difficult times for organizations.

Is our information private and secure?

Yes, we take both privacy and security very seriously. In short, we won't share your information with anyone without your permission, per our privacy policy. Also, our systems are continuously monitored by security and our servers are in a restricted access facility, with firewalls separating the data from the website and the internet.

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