Case Studies and Success Stories

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Name: Wood-Mizer

Industry: Manufacturing

Size: 600 employees and customers globally

Tenure: Since 2021


"We're really impressed by both the quantity and quality of feedback we've received from this suggestion box. The ROI has been huge! We strongly recommend this solution to other organizations who are serious about continuous improvement and encouraging big ideas from their employees."

- Will Gott, HR Leader


Online Suggestion Box (Focal BOX™)


As an ESOP company, part of Wood-Mizer's culture is to provide their employee-owners an opportunity to voice their concerns and suggestions. However, they did not have a systematic way to do this for our multiple locations, and while they have an open-door policy, their employee-owners did not always speak up.


The client promoted the suggestion box to their employee-owners in a variety of ways. For example, they sent the link via email and text message, added the link in their HR portal and to Web browsers, posted flyers with QR codes throughout their facilities (including in bathroom stalls), and communicated about the program in their quarterly business meetings.

The submissions are sent via email directly to the HR leader and President, who together determine appropriate actions. The HR leader applies customized tags in the admin portal and adds the feedback to a spreadsheet to facilitate filtering and analysis.

Feedback classifications include:

  • Type (suggestion, complaint, compliment, comment)
  • Location (entire company, specific places)
  • Topic (culture, wages, customer, quality, policy, safety, etc.)
  • Decision (investigate, given to manger, action, no action)
  • Owner (name, department)
  • Action/comment (specific to the feedback)
  • Status (open, completed)

When a reply is requested by the anonymous employee who submitted the feedback, the HR leader responds promptly and directly, describing the action taken when possible. Major changes are communicated broadly during the company's quarterly business meetings.


CustomInsight's online suggestion box has allowed the client to provide a quick and easy way for their employee-owners to express their feedback anytime. The client has been pleasantly surprised by how popular the suggestion box has been, with over 225 submissions received during the past year, their second year using the product. While the company has received a wide range of feedback, including both complaints and compliments, most of the submissions have been suggestions, which they encourage.

Here are three things they like most about it: how simple it is to use for both their employees and administrators, that it is digital so submissions can be shared instantly anytime, how cost-effective it is at only $99 per year.