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Companies that Offer Odd, Interesting and Engaging Perks

Most of us have “heard” of the magic behind the walls of Google, Facebook, Twitter and the like. Here is a link to a cool info-graphic that shows the perks of working at these organizations. But they are not alone in their innovations for creating communities with their employees. Many companies are doing it better, finding creative ways to get their employees pumped, engaged, and dedicated to the organization. Here is an insider’s peek at some great employee benefits in companies around the States.

Pinterest: Holds hackathons – employees choose an idea and work together to make it happen then have regular “happy hours” where employees engage with Pinterest Founders.

SC Johnson: Has a concierge to run your pesky errands (mail letters, deliver groceries etc.). After retiring, employees get a lifetime membership to the fitness club.

General Mills (GM): Three weeks paid vacation from the get-go, flexible work schedules for those who need different hours or have to telecommute.

Discovery: Free classes and events, workshops and conferences (everything from dance to pottery, chocolate making to yoga!). It also has an in-house wellness center with primary care physicians and a place to pick up prescriptions.

The World Wildlife Fund: Every other Friday, they offer their employees a day off called “Panda Friday” to spend time with family and pursue their outside interests.

Campbell Soup Company: 100% healthcare coverage, on-site fitness center, healthy cooking classes, subsidized meal plan on the “healthy meal option” at the cafeteria as well as an on-site Kindergarten and after school programs for kids from 6–12 years old.

Boeing: New employees aren't left to navigate the company on their own. They get involved in REACH – a program that allows new employees to “find great opportunities for professional growth, community involvement, leadership development and social networking.” They also get 12 paid holidays and time off between Christmas and New Year’s.

The list goes on and on. Companies are finding creative, interesting ways to meet the needs of their employees while, by doing so, creating healthy work environments that foster creativity and cultivate talent.

Forbes found the most popular employee perks of 2014 include game rooms, physical and mental health programs, food, company retreats, and freebies (magazine or Netflix subscriptions, babysitting, pet sitting, etc.).

Not every company can afford an on-site gym or physician. However, small-sized changes to company dynamics could be just what your employees need. What do your employees need? What is important to your employees? What drives them and keeps them returning to work every day?

Why not ask?

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