Employee Engagement Software

Asking for employee feedback isn’t a new concept. In fact, the first documented survey processes date back to the late 1930s. We’ve come a long way from those pen-and-paper employee attitude surveys, building to sophisticated software solutions with behavioral science – all with the goal to improve business success.

What is Employee Engagement Software?

Employee engagement software is a technology solution that enables organizations to gather, analyze, and act upon feedback from their employees regarding various aspects of their work experience. This software allows businesses to administer surveys, collect responses, and generate reports on the state of employee engagement within the organization.

What Can Employee Engagement Software Do?

Our flagship product, Focal ORG, is an online software tool (SaaS) that helps organizations understand drivers of engagement and alignment with company strategy (values, goals, and strategic objectives). It is a statistically-based model that goes beyond “satisfaction”, measuring four critical metrics of organization performance – engagement with the organization, engagement with managers, strategic alignment, and management competency.

How does the software work?

“Business and human endeavors are systems... We tend to focus on snapshots of isolated parts of the system. And wonder why our deepest problems never get solved.” - Peter Senge

Engagement survey software can provide you with a comprehensive, robust vision of organization effectiveness. Get the whole-picture view.

Survey Creation:

The online custom survey maker platform enables organizations to gather employee feedback to measure engagement, satisfaction, and much more.

Data Collection:

The software automates the process of distributing surveys to employees through various channels, including email, web portals, or mobile apps. It facilitates anonymous and confidential responses, which can encourage employees to provide candid feedback.

Real-time Reporting:

Employee engagement survey software provides real-time data analysis and reporting. This allows organizations to gain instant insights into the survey results, including trends, strengths, and areas in need of improvement.

Action Planning:

Effective survey software often comes with features that help organizations create action plans based on survey results. These plans can include setting goals, assigning responsibilities, and tracking progress towards improving employee engagement.


Effective software solutions must offer benchmarking capabilities, allowing organizations to compare their engagement levels with industry standards or similar-sized companies.


Good tools should facilitate internal communication by helping organizations share survey results and action plans with employees, fostering transparency and trust.

Digital Tools for Employee Engagement:

Using AI technology, engagement software can help senior leaders and HR take the guesswork out of how to analyze survey results and data. Get a comprehensive diagnostic of organization health. The Focal Org engagement software and results dashboard include:

*A statistically-derived model.
*Action-oriented survey items and targeted follow-up questions (for quantitative and qualitative information).
*Top Priorities – automated algorithms that diagnose the most urgent issues facing your organization.
*Drivers of engagement and disengagement (unique to each organization).
*Group Comparison – understanding demographic subgroups and drilling down to find out what’s working, what’s not.
*Filtering & Sharing - giving HR and senior leaders the ability to filter results per department. Also, filtering by managers provides “mini-360s” for professional development.
*Gap Analysis - Compare data from leavers and stayers. Uncover blindspots. Improve onboarding.
*Action Planning - Convert flagged survey items into goals with tasks and due dates. Then, assign them to employees and monitor their completion.
*Progress Checks - Pulse feedback provides an opportunity to find out what's working and what adjustments might be needed. (Usually administered every 3 - 6 months). *Trends - See how your actions have impacted key metrics, from overall engagement to strategic alignment and manager competency.

How can employee engagement software improve employee engagement?

Data-Driven Decision Making:

These tools provide quantitative data that can inform HR and leadership decisions. Without software, organizations might rely on anecdotal evidence or limited insights from sporadic surveys, making it challenging to take targeted actions.


Traditional surveys can be time-consuming and administratively burdensome. Survey software streamlines the process, allowing organizations to get immediate feedback and respond swiftly to emerging issues.


With survey software, organizations can tailor questions to address their unique challenges and objectives. This level of customization is often not possible with generic, off-the-shelf surveys.


The anonymity offered by survey software promotes honesty and candid feedback, which might be stifled in traditional surveys where employees fear repercussions for being truthful.


Employee engagement survey software automates many aspects of survey administration and data analysis, saving time and resources that can be better utilized for action planning.

What Can Organizations Use Employee Engagement Survey Software For?

Employee engagement survey software serves various purposes within organizations, including:

Assessing Engagement Levels:

Organizations use survey software to regularly gauge how engaged their employees are with their work, colleagues, and the company's mission.

Identifying Areas for Improvement:

Survey results can pinpoint specific areas that need attention, such as communication, leadership, or work-life balance.

Supporting Talent Management:

Organizations can use survey data to identify high-potential employees and develop strategies to retain top talent.

Change Management:

Survey software can assist in assessing how well employees are adapting to organizational changes, mergers, or restructuring.

Improving Employee Wellbeing:

Insights from surveys can guide initiatives aimed at enhancing the mental and physical health of the workforce.

Enhancing Organizational Culture:

Organizations use survey results to build a positive and inclusive culture that fosters engagement and productivity.

Engagement software is a powerful tool that empowers organizations to gather, analyze, and act upon valuable employee feedback. It offers data-driven insights, customization, timeliness, confidentiality, and efficiency. Actions taken based on survey results can help shape organization culture. Additionally, by using the same software provider over the years, you can track trends, tendencies, and make adjustments accordingly.

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