Employee Engagement Ideas Countdown

Ending 2014 With a Recap of What We Believe are Cornerstone Business Practices and Philosophies to Improve Employee Engagement

We have covered a lot of territory in 2014. As a team, we wanted to give a short recap of what we feel are key employee engagement ideas that your organization can implement to crack open the door to success.

  1. Make employee engagement a strategic business practice. Engagement does not “just happen.” In fact, it takes a lot of work from the moment an organization makes contact with a potential employee. Organizations that strategize, implement, observe, measure, and focus on effective engagement methods succeed.

  2. Effective employee engagement practices must be developed and supported by upper management and middle management as they will be the drivers of change.

  3. Employee engagement focuses on an organization’s greatest asset: its workers. Employee engagement is a human endeavor, which means it is variable, emotional, behavioral … HUMAN.

  4. Sea salt caramels covered in dark chocolate. (Just kidding. And just checking to see if you are paying attention.)

  5. Employee engagement is different than employee satisfaction. Engagement goes far beyond happy employees. Engaged employees are committed to an organization, strive to work harder to better the organization, and are integral to an organization’s success.

  6. Make everyone accountable, starting with upper management to show that employee engagement is not just another top-down initiative. Accountability is the ultimate goal of an employee engagement plan – having people take responsibility for the work they do and how that work improves an organization.

  7. Build on strengths. Highlight and develop your team’s strengths, hiring people who complement each other to create power teams. Then step back and give your teams the room they need to get the job done. (Stop micromanaging!) Teams work better when each member’s strengths add to the pot.

  8. Make organizational goals clear. Every employee should be aware of her organization’s objectives, philosophy and culture and how her job contributes, daily, to these goals.

  9. Employee engagement depends on communication – creating authentic connections in the workplace. This means taking the time to listen and respond to employees in a meaningful way. (Ditch the suggestion box!)

  10. Respect is the foundation of an organization. Paul Marciano, author of Carrots and Sticks Don’t Work: Build a Culture of Employee Engagement with the Principles of RESPECT, breaks it down into these seven categories: recognition, empowerment, supportive feedback, partnering, expectation setting, consideration, and trust.

The team at CustomInsight wishes everyone a happy holiday season and success for the coming year. We’ll see you in 2015 with fresh ideas and the latest engagement news, trends, and topics – the heartbeat of the workplace.

Happy New Year!

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