A Countdown of Our Best Blogs and Employee Engagement Tips in 2016

From Understanding the Oh-So-Challenging Millennial to Top Social Media Faux Pas

11 days are left to finish off 2016. And itís been quite a year of unexpected twists, turns, and tendencies. Just as the world feels like itís on a non-stop spin of change, HR departments and organizations are scrambling to keep up with the changes in the workplace. Hereís a recap of the most interesting, frustrating, and practical trends that deal with employee engagement.

1. To Selfie or Not to Selfie: Refrain from overshare! What you post may be the reason youíre not getting your dream job. Here are top social media blunders that are preventing you from getting your dream job. Some could even cost you your current position.

2. Interpreting the Employee Engagement Survey could be the difference between a successful survey experience and a costly, company disaster. How you interpret your survey results will help you work toward a path to success in your organization. And, donít fall into the over-survey trap burdening your employees with survey after survey.

3. Donít talk, chat: Retain young talent in your organization. Maybe itís time to open that Instagram account and connect to your millennials.

4. Why? Creating purpose with your team is the key to keeping employees engaged. Put theory into practice with these motivating tips and boost engagement.

5. Whatís your story? Isnít just some bad pickup line. In fact, this could be a driving factor of employee engagement. Do your employees know yourcorporate narrative, once upon a time and, hopefully, be an integral part of its happily ever after?

6. Lead to succeed. The Happiness Research Institute on Job Satisfaction has honed into what employees look for in a great leader . The key to hiring the right people is understanding company culture. Not all leaders fit all organizations.

7. Kindness matters. Especially in such a heated climate as has been 2016, itís more important now than ever to embrace this value. Employees arenít ďhuman capital.Ē They are human. So humanize your organization with a culture of kindness.

CustomInsight wishes your organization a peaceful holiday and New Year filled with success. Weíll see you on the other side 2017 with new ideas, trends, and ways to jumpstart employee engagement in your organization.

Happy Holidays!

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