8 New Year’s Resolutions Every Organization Can Make

Engage Employees and Resolve to Make 2016 A Year of Success

When we mark time, whether it be on a birthday, anniversary or the end of the year, it’s natural to reflect on what we’ve done, what we wished we’d have done, and what we’d like to do differently. The New Year brings out these desires to make changes. But with a resolution success rate of less than 10%, it’s time to reconsider the resolution and really think about setting attainable goals.

This, too, goes for organizations. Taking a huge brush stroke to make improvements in your organization without really looking at the nitty gritty will fall flat and feel empty. And will, most likely, be ineffective. So, before you fall into the resolution trap, sit back and consider these tips for effective change in 2016:

1. Resolve to create an employee engagement strategy: Employee engagement doesn’t “just happen.” It’s part of a company strategy. Engaged employees are productive and are, ultimately, the backbone of any organization.

2. Resolve to set attainable goals: Certainly the sky’s the limit, but how will you get there? Set weekly, monthly, trimester and annual goals. Everything you do in your organization should build toward the bigger goal. Have teams set specific goals to reach the greater goal – together.

3. Resolve to review, asses and adjust: Setting goals is just part of it. By assessing and adjusting practices on a weekly basis, you can best work toward those goals. Sometimes products are a bust. It’s okay to inhale, exhale, and let them go. With weekly and/or monthly assessments and adjustments, you can avoid a snowball effect of failure. Consider doing pulse surveys to make sure goals are being met and employees are engaged.

4. Resolve to keep equipment up-to-date: There are fewer things more frustrating to employees than sub-par equipment, software, outdated computers and systems. Set aside money, each year, to get the most up-to-date technology and equipment so your teams can effectively do their jobs.

5. Resolve to take time to create an effective onboarding process: New employees take extra time to train and work with. With a strong onboarding program, by investing time up front you will take away from daily frustrations later on. Moreover, you’ll have more capable, efficient, and productive employees sooner.

6. Resolve to manage, not micro-manage: Make sure your managers know how to delegate responsibility. This leads to accountability and a smoother-running organization.

7. Resolve to invest in your community: Sponsor a baseball team. Donate time at a food bank. Participate in a leadership camp. Corporate Social Responsibility has a big impact both in the organization’s community and within your organization. Don’t underestimate how powerful these programs can be.

8. Resolve to set a tone of respect: Employees who work under solid, classy leadership tend to follow suit. Gossip and negativity are contagious. Frontline managers and upper management need to set a tone of respect, hard work, and positivity.

Resolutions shouldn’t be quick fixes, instead habit-forming changes to improve your organization and employee engagement.

Custominsight wishes you and your organization success in 2016!

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