7 Actionable Tips to Engage Employees through Songs

Yes. You Read That Right. Here's Your Employee Engagement Playlist.

We’ve been writing this blog for several years, all to help inform you of the latest tendencies in management and help you keep your employees engaged. So now it’s time to put a little music to our ideas and, perhaps, drive you nuts all day because you won’t get some of these classics out of your head.

Let’s have a little fun. Here are 10 actionable tips to keep your employees engaged, all through the magic of song titles.

1. I’d Like to Get To Know You Well: Howard Jones just might be onto something here. When employers, managers, or direct supervisors take the time to get to know their employees, engagement soars. 2/3 of an employee’s life is spent at work, so knowing your employees’ children’s names, hobbies, and taking genuine interest in their lives makes a big difference. Be sincere. Take a few minutes to get to know your employees well.

2. Think: We couldn’t have a list like this without Queen Aretha. “You need me, and I need you …” Your employees are your organization’s greatest asset. Walt Disney said, “You can dream, create, and build the most wonderful place in the world, but it requires people to make the dream a reality.” How do you treat your employees? With Respect (couldn’t resist that one)? Think about what demands you place on employees and whether they are equipped to meet those demands. Reflexive management is key to success.

3. Stand by Me: Ben E. King knows the power of loyalty. Loyalty doesn’t come from nothing. Employee loyalty, thankfully, is easier to attain than standing steadfast with a friend when the mountains crumble to the sea. Loyalty is constructed when employees: know the company vision, feel they are building their careers, feel empowered, appreciated, valued. This can all be accomplished with a solid communication strategy.

4. I’m Still Standing: No success comes without setbacks. Ask Elton! Creating a work environment in which it’s okay to take risks pushes employees to be creative, forward-thinking, and tap into their best qualities. But an employer also needs to understand the process of success comes with failures. Failure is not a definitive. It’s an opportunity to learn and improve. Even Survivor know that (think Eye of the Tiger). Oh yeah. Now you’re ready to run!

5. Heard It Through the Grapevine: Oh Marvin! Yes, I heard from Terrance in accounting that Marcia in publicity is leaving for a better position at our competition. Gossip is wildfire. And negativity breeds negativity, lowering a company’s morale. Boosting your team’s spirits has to be part of your organization’s success strategy. Give direct feedback. Express gratitude. Focus on employees’ performance. Be specific about what is good and what needs improvement. Set goals. With good communication, you can avoid the workplace gossip grapevine.

6. One Vision: Does your team know WHY? Does each employee understand her purpose in the organization? “One man, one goal, one mission. “ Queen’s One Vision encapsulates the importance of purpose-driven work. When employees understand how what they do, every single day, helps an organization reach its goal, its mission, its vision, you’ve on the road to success with a committed, engaged workforce.

7. Lean On Me: Naturally, we’re ending this list with the Bill Withers’ tribute to teamwork. Effective teamwork comes from a complex mix of elements: great managers, collaboration and diversity of skills, commitment and trust. Magic doesn’t happen. It comes from a strategic, company-wide approach to great teamwork.

So, time to get out those cassettes and make a mix-tape of music to remind you of 7 actionable employee engagement tips – all through the magic of those oldies but goodies! Also, it might be good to explain to your millennials what a mix-tape is. Nevermind. Just get this on your playlist and enjoy!

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