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CustomInsight started in 1998 as a spin-off from a Silicon Valley consultancy that was later acquired by Accenture. The technology behind CustomInsight was developed to help companies align leadership and culture with their strategic goals. We recognized that these tools could have a much broader impact, so CustomInsight was created in order to offer these tools to other consulting firms and directly to companies.

Since that time, CustomInsight has grown into a leading provider of online HR assessment and development tools. Our flagship 360 Degree Feedback and Employee Engagement products have been used by over half of the Fortune 100 as well as hundreds of smaller companies, some with as few as ten employees.

Our focus remains on helping individuals and organizations to grow and develop. We believe there is a tension between development and performance appraisal. Combining both under one roof creates a conflict that tends to erode the quality of developmental feedback and can lead to resistance among stakeholders. We also just like the idea of providing tools that have a positive impact on people.

Headquartered in Carson City, Nevada, CustomInsight has offices in California's Silicon Valley and Sydney, Australia.

The CustomInsight Team

Dave Gutzman, founder

Dave discovered his passion for computer programming when his dad came home with a Commodore Vic 20. The year was 1981 and Dave was just nine years old, but he was hooked. After graduating from Stanford amid the dot com boom in the mid 90's, Dave discovered another passion - psychometrics. (Yeah, it does sound a bit strange...) Fifteen years later, Dave loves that he still gets to spend his days developing assessments, analyzing data, and creating software that helps make life a little better for people all over the world every day. It hardly feels like work - most days, at least.

Kelly Bayer, co-founder

Kelly is CustomInsight's biz-whiz. From VC to startup, from consulting to corporate, she's done it all. Kelly co-founded CustomInsight, and she was instrumental in growing it into a successful company. Without her, there would be no CustomInsight. Alas, Kelly has been sucked back into another high-powered stint in the corporate world, but she still serves as a strategic advisor to CustomInsight.

Christine Ipolyi, director of client services

Christine is a teacher, trainer, and client services expert with extensive international and stateside experience. She has focused on providing world-class client support at CustomInsight since 2007. Native New Yorker, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill graduate, loves her life in Boulder, Colorado. When not behind her desk, she's exploring trails, hitting a tennis ball, drumming, or dancing to her own beat.

Tessa Hechter, director of client services - Australia and Asia/Pacific

Tessa could teach pigs how to fly. She's that good. When it comes to designing HR programs and training people how to use them, Tessa is a natural. She has worked for and with many of Australia's leading organisations, including Qantas, CBA, Australia Post, and Railcorp. Tessa grew up in South Africa and spent several years in the US before settling down in Sydney.

Peter Yates, lead developer

Peter makes our world go round. He can do database back flips on demand, at 3am, and make it look easy. SQL is his second language (after English). Peter has been developing software since 1981 (with a couple of side excursions along the way). He has designed and developed custom business applications, HR and financial systems, e-commerce implementations, and more for companies like Coldwater Creek, Lane Byant and Peet's. He spends his free time playing golf, sailing, and lazing on the water.

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